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At BUTLER FARMS, we are focused on providing information on things we have done at our farm over the past 6 years with our swine waste.  We see our waste as an asset and not a liability.  There is power in that "poop" and even when you glean the power out of the waste you still have the same fertilizer value as you had before the anaerobic process, only better fertilizer.


We installed lagoon covers at our farm in 2008.  Lagoon covers have been a Win, Win for us.  Lagoon covers eliminate 85% of your swine farm odor.  Lagoon covers exclude all of the annual rainfall.  So far in 2013 we have excluded more than 4 million gallons of rainwater from our lagoon waste.  Remember every drop of rainwater that falls into your waste lagoon immediately becomes a waste product as soon as it mixes with you lagoon effluent and at some point you will have to pay the expense of pumping it back out.   You have an option to save your rain water if you need it to pump on your crops by simply sump pumping it back into the lagoon or you can just sump pump it off of the cover into a blue line stream as rain water.  With covers you also collect a valuable by-product, bio-gas methane and it can be flared off for carbon credits or used as a fuel for a generator.   We have a 180 KW gen-set at the farm and we generate more electricity than we need at the farm.  We have a Power Purchase Agreement With South River Electric Membership Cooperative and we sell our swine waste electricity back to them through the grid.  We have a net metering agreement on our solar panels and sell back to SREMC all the solar energy that we do not use.


We also compost our mortality for fertilizer and we use solar energy from panels on the farm to supplement our electricity.


Look around our website and if you have any comments or questions, please feel free to contact us. We hope to see you again!  Check back later for new updates to our website. There’s much more to come!